Virtualization is one of the most influential trends in networking, both lowering hardware costs and enabling efficient use of network resources.

Today’s communication networks are designed to be deployed as a set of physical specialized components exchanging messages over standard interfaces. With the increase of data center technology, a new opportunity for deploying functions as software on top of common hardware architectures appeared, named Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

We offer advice for Cloud DC

  • Physical Resources Management
  • Physical Resources Operation
  • Virtual machines, Virtual Storage, Virtual Network
  • Virtual Resources (Cloud) Management
  • Virtual Resources (Cloud) Operation
  • Framework
  • Public Cloud, public cloud venders need an open source solution to build the ecosystem for competing with AWS
  • Private Cloud, private cloud vendors need to complete or improve their cloud solutions with ecosystem
  • Service Provider, Hosting operation features move to virtualization solution, First large-scale deployment
  • Software Vendor, Product branding with virtualization solution, Driven other OS providers to join the community
  • Hardware Vendors, New opportunities for NFV, E2E integration for appliance