Data Center Design/Redesign

Whether you are looking to implement a new data center or re-design your current solution, Spectvoice provides expert Data Center Architecture Design solutions. Our staff understands the demands of a superior data center, and how it affects your business if your customers or your staff are hindered with non-efficient and performance impeded platforms. We learn your business model and where the critical demands are, then work with this in mind to present a solution that meets best practices for you and your customer needs.

Our team of highly skilled engineers can assist with the following Data Center Solutions:

  • Storage solutions, performance, capacity, high-availability, and redundancy
  • Compute and Computer upgrades
  • Hyperconverged Systems
  • Software-defined networking (SDN)
  • Software-defined storage (SDS)
  • Networking Design, Switching, and Firewall Configuration
  • Failover, Redundancy, Backup, and DR (Disaster Recover)
  • Power and Energy Efficiency Optimization
  • Active Directory Design, Audit and Optimization
  • Re-consolidation of virtual environments to combat server sprawl
  • Hardware and Infrastructure Performance Optimization
  • Security Implementation and Cybersecurity Optimization
  • Hardware, Software and Topology Documentation
  • Ongoing Management, Support and Administration