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Machine to Machine

Machine-to-Machine communication (M2M) communication enables autonomous data exchange between machines. Today, it is mostly used to connect remote devices (sensors, machines, tellers, etc.) with a central server that allows the customer to analyze the data provided and make appropriate decisions. There are several areas where the use of M2M communication can be of great benefit. These include:

  • Logistics: e.g. tracking of goods, warehousing, remote monitoring of vending machines.
  • Telemedicine: monitoring of vital parameters, alerting, etc.
  • Remote services: e.g. offsite monitoring of machines, service triggering (check intervals, replacement of vital parts, repair service).

Spectvoice Technology can help you take on the challenge of finding an optimal M2M solution. Specifically, Spectvoice Technology provides the following services in the M2M communication area:

  • Selection of the wireless components to be used for M2M communication. These can be individual components, as well as the complete device including components and M2M application
  • Software development and testing (Embedded Design) for controlling available M2M communication modules, data concentration, etc.
  • Definition, implementation and testing of suitable interfaces to integrate various subnetworks (e.g. Bluetooth, ZigBee) into the available infrastructure (e.g. GSM/ GPRS/ UMTS) on given M2M module hardware.
  • M2M testing to investigate the various aspects of providing the M2M communication in a live network, such as SMS vs. Packet data transmission, impact of always on, etc. This can also be used to demonstrate your complete M2M solution to potential customers.