Mobile Network Operators

Continued growth in mobile data traffic is putting operators’ core and backhaul infrastructure under significant strain. Operators not only face the challenges of capacity constraints and increased network complexity, but also rising capital and operational costs in a highly competitive environment. Driven by robust mobile devices and customer demand for high-bandwidth applications, traffic in mobile networks is not only increasing in volume, but also becoming more unpredictable and dynamic in nature. At the same time, customer expectations for quality of experience are also rapidly increasing.

SpectVoice Technology analysis:

  • Increase network performance and meet the needs of diverse core and backhaul requirements
  • Maximize efficiency of voice and data transport in 2G, 3G, LTE, IMS and VoLTE environments
  • Enhance subscriber quality of experience with carrier-class resiliency, QoS, and low latency transport
  • Ease network migration and legacy evolution to scalable, packet-optimized infrastructure
  • Future proof your network as mobile voice and data traffic growth drives demand for increased capacity

Fixed Line Network Operators

  • Bandwidth needs from consumer and business subscribers are rapidly raising the bar for providers of fixed line communication services, from residential access and enterprise private line offerings to high-capacity wholesale services optimized for the carrier’s carrier and data center operator. As fixed line and wireless data traffic continues to explode, wireline service providers also face the challenge of cost-effectively migrating legacy voice and data services to converged, packet-optimized architectures – while at the same time reducing total cost of ownership.

SpectVoice Technology Analysis:

  • Seamlessly migrate legacy services to converged, packet-optimized networking platforms
  • Enhance quality and scalability of fixed line offerings with high-performance packet/optical aggregation, switching and transport
  • Easily scale capacity in metro, regional, core and subsea networks – up to 100G and beyond
  • Improve utilization of network resources with integrated packet/optical platforms, common network management, and automated operations