Retail, Hospitality

  • Artificial intelligence in retail is being applied in new ways across the entire product and service cycle—from assembly to post-sale customer service interactions.
  • Innovation is a double-edged sword, and as with any innovation results are a mixed bag.
  • As with many areas of AI innovation that are led by bigger industry players, the future will likely be dictated by the retail AI use-cases that are proven effective by leading industry players.
  • Artificial intelligenceis playing an increasingly important role in hospitality management, primarily because of its ability to carry out traditionally human functions at any time of the day. This potentially means that hotel owners can save significant money, eliminate human error and deliver superior service.
  • Customer service is a vital part of the travel industry, with hotels often living and dying based on the way they treat their customers. With artificial intelligence, the possibilities for improving this aspect are almost endless, ranging from increased personalizationto tailored recommendations.
  • Spectvoice has more than 10 years’ experience supporting customers from Retail and Hospitality areas.